About us

Karina Goncalves is a visionary entrepreneur who has always been interested in what was different, innovative and unique. Born in Brazil, she moved to the US in 2017 with her two daughters in search of a fresh start in her life and new opportunities.




A new beginning 

Karina was already a businesswoman in Brazil. Her first company was 8 years old and was already consolidated. At some point she decided to divorced her ex-husband who was also her partner at the company and in 2019 the company went bankrupt like so many others because of the Pandemic. Luckily or not, she had already decided that she wanted to run a business by herself in the US with her ideals and her ideas. Always in love with the fashion world, she began to study this market and it was when she realized that there was not yet a Brazilian-style jewelry store in the US. And that was when the idea of creating her own brand was born, Unique Brazilian Jewelry.


Adapting to a new culture

New habits, a new culture and a new language were difficult obstacles to overcome, but not impossible. One year after leaving Brazil, Karina and her daughters are fully adapted and happy. Karina is now married again to a Brazilian / American, Ruan, who supports her unconditionally and always gives her strength to continue following her dreams.


Unique Brazilian Jewelry - The trajectory.

With only $1,000.00 she started the Unique Brazilian Jewelry project. She hired a great agency to create her website, bought her first jewelry collection to sell and in December 2018 she launched her website. 

Six months later she decided to open her first physical store, that's when the idea of ​​opening a kiosk in Tallahassee, city where she and her family lived at the time, came up. Still without much money to invest and not knowing whether the American women would like Brazilian-style jewelry, she opted for the kiosk to feel the acceptance of her product in this market until then unknown to her. This was the kiosk, first Unique Brazilian Jewelry physical location.


To her joy and surprise, the success of the Brazilian style was so great that in four months the kiosk was already small so she decided that it was time to grow up again and go to a store, to being able to offer a better shopping experience for her customers. Here in this image you can see how we were improving to deliver what you deserve, the best!


Six months after opening the store at Governor's Square Mall in Tallahassee, Karina wanted more, and started the project for her second store, Unique Brazilian Jewelry Orlando. On April 8, 2021, the grand opening party of the new Unique Brazilian Jewelry store took place at the Florida Mall in Orlando, with even more unique and different shopping experiences. In this store we were able to create a cozy atmosphere, with a coffee area, snacks and also an instagrammable space for our customers to take pictures and spend happy moments with us. We also offer puffs so that your companions or children can rest while you do your shopping. Look how beautiful it turned out.






The third store

On February 6, 2024, the Grand Opening of the third Unique Brazilian Jewelry store, now in another state, took place at Natick Mall in the Boston region - MA. We are very happy and grateful for another beautiful store that we delivered. If you live in the Boston area, come visit us, we will love to have you here with us.



      Our Values

Honesty, uplifting women, love, family and hard work to be the best in our business.


Our mission

Working tirelessly to always provide a UNIQUE shopping experience for our customers.

Being able to change the way women see themselves after wearing Unique jewelry.

Show every woman how amazing she is. 

Provide moments that remain in the best memories of our customers.