About us


Karina Gomes is a brazilian businesswoman, mother and wife, based in Florida. 

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A new beginning 

After a divorce, she decides to start her life in a new place.
At age 29 and with two daughters, Karina moves to the United States believing that this was the best place for her daughters to grow up.

Adapting to a new culture

New habits, a new culture and a new language were difficult obstacles to overcome, but not impossible. Two years after leaving Brazil, Karina and her daughters are fully adapted and happy.

 Unique Brazilian Jewelry -  First steps

Like any woman, Karina found in the vanity and lifestyle of American women a way not only to feel beautiful, but to adapt and control the inner whirlwind of emotions.

With full and recovered self-esteem, she sought ways to integrate her preferences not only into her productions but also to other women who, like her, needed incentives to feel good about themselves again.

It is at this moment that when she looking for a professional to carry out this project, she meets the web developer and marketing expert Sue Hacsa.

After a great job, Karina invites Sue to definitely coordinate key sectors of Unique Brazilian Jewelry . 

Our Values

This is why we say that Unique was created in timeless values: Love, Family, Friendship, Gratitude, Overcoming. 

Our mission

Show every woman how amazing she is.